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Neophyte to Apperception

Let it unravel, let it all down.

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"The first rule of magic is simple.
Don't waste your time waving your hands and hoping,
when a rock or a club will do"
-- McCloctnik the Lucid



The Moon
by: Sappho

THE stars about the lovely moon
Fade back and vanish very soon,
When, round and full, her silver face
Swims into sight, and lights all space.

I reserve the right to change my mind
about anything I say at the drop of a hat!

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Looking within
Looking within
I cannot be found
By any but me
Anger runs deep
Sorrow must weep
Give up the beast

Begin anew

Love comes and love goes
Passion alights
The embers glow
I look to the sunrise
And weep in the sea
the ultimate gift
Is my humanity


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Treat life as if Mercury were ALWAYS in retrograde. You will never even notice or care when it does go. (and that does not mean don't EVER communicate, it means take care with ALL your communications) ~StupidCoyote