Neophyte to Apperception

Let it unravel, let it all down.

This made me giggle so much I almost peed...


Drumming Goodness
There​ will be some drumm​ing going​ on in Rec Park in Bingh​amton​ this eveni​ng(​Weds)​ from 6:30 to *​8pm.​ Bring​ a drum.​.​.​ and maybe​ somet​hing to sit on would​ be a good idea.​

There​ is also a new list out there​ inspi​red by the old Weds Eveni​ng Drum Circl​e and that anyon​e inter​ested​ in creat​ing/​growi​ng a regul​ar to semi-​regul​ar way for drumm​ers to get toget​her and commu​ne throu​gh the *​waves​ in the rhyth​m*​ in a relax​ed,​ no press​ure envir​onmen​t.​.​.​ can join.​ If you live in or near the Bingh​amton​ area,​ and would​ like to join pleas​e go to: group​s.​yahoo​.​com/​group​/​bingd​ruman​ddanc​e . The more peopl​e who know about​ it, the bette​r!​ It's also a good place​ to post your own invit​es to jam where​ drum lover​s are sure to see it:)

Get in touch​ with the base
And let the ears stay open
As Soul Motor​ purrs​ to the
Waves​ in the rhyth​m

Pulsa​ting throu​gh my soul
Risin​g above​ it all
Pulsa​ting throu​gh my soul
Risin​g,​ risin​g.​.​ above​ it all

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Some people show their love and pain
In short, but violent bursts
Others try to hold it all in
The weight, an accumulating curse

We suffer through day by day.
Tribulations by fire is the lover’s way

Maybe they prefer you feel as they feel?
And you refuse to be coerced
Some just do as they think expected
Life’s “manuscript” rehearsed

Feeling too much all the caring and hate
The pain and the love this world creates

With little logic and a lot of passion
On the surface and submersed
What we feel is not always expressed
In some known predictable verse

Through a million minds all reaching out
Still most of it I could do without

Picture: Don't Look Behind Cat

To my ZEN prt1
After 6 weeks of keeping and losing hope
I never thought that I could cope
With the ending of you lying there
Almost to the last, knowing you were still aware
Of the broken body with nothing spared
You watched us gather around you, not sure why
Because no one bothered to tell you, you were about to die
Family gathered at your bedside, so many tears now cried
My mother and I rushed to your side, and I think that was
When you finally new, it was getting time to say goodbye.
The fear in your eyes, the look of suffering when the priest
Arrived for final rites and I saw you shake your head and mouth NO!
Not yet! You knew it wasn’t right, I said the words I knew you could not voice
Not yet! This isn’t right. It could be hours still, days… The fear in your eyes..

What the fsck am I going to do without you!??

Autopsy ~ OTEP Music Video
Just something I did when life wasn’t getting in the way.. Umm.. took longer than I expected (due to the life stuff)

Edit: Download bigger version 15.5mb .mp4 / 720x480 (you can right click/save as... or just click if you have a quicktime plugin as it will play the mp4 format ... it's a nice copy if you don't mind the load time)

Disarmed, or Unfortunate in Love

A Tragic Vaudeville in One Act

LEV MARKOVICH (Bouncing up to the LADY) Let me!
LADY (Keeping him at arms length) Leave me!
LEV MARKOVICH (Bumping into her) Let me!
LADY (Shoving him with her knees) Go away!
LEV MARKOVICH (Gripping her with his hands) Let’s, just once!
LADY (Shoving him with her knees) Away! Away!
LEV MARKOVICH Just one thrust!
LADY (Bellowing) No-o.
LEV MARKOVICH A thrust! One thrust!
LADY (Shows the whites of her eyes).
LEV MARKOVICH fumbles around, reaches with his hand for his tool and suddenly, as it turns out, he can’t find it.
LEV MARKOVICH Wait a minute! (Feels himself up and down with his hands). What the h-hell!
LADY looks at LEV MARKOVICH with astonishment.
LEV MARKOVICH Well, that’s a damn funny thing!
LADY What’s happened?
LEV MARKOVICH Hum … hmm … (looks around, completely flummoxed).


~Daniil Kharms

No updates on Zen since my mom is not calling me back
So here is an appalling recording of me trying to sing Mr Grinch!

I cannot sing.. pffhhttt.

But I liked saying "you're a bad banana". hehehe

I needed the distraction..
Oh man.. why oh why oh why? Oh yeah... dur!   But really I save most of the mayhem for my job.. it comes in handy there~_* ... or just screwing with my own life.  I am a pro when it comes to playing my own devil's advocate and just all around screwing with myself:)

Which Goddess lurks in your soul?


You are a sly one who enjoys watching others squirm! Eris is the Greek Goddess of strife and discord whose single purpose was to create chaos amongst ordered man. According to legend, it was an apple from Eris which started the Trojan War when she tossed it towards three other Goddesses (Athena, Aphrodite, and Hera) claiming it belonged to the most beautiful and wise of all Goddesses. Like Eris, you enjoy laying devil’s advocate and stirring up a bit of trouble when things get wrong. Often, you are like a chess player, moving pieces into place and then sitting back to watch the explosions! Careful, Eris, or you may wind up at the blunt of one of your own created problems!
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Update: It's a go!
He has been wheeled in and they are prepping, as soon as they land (any minute), they will open him up.. I got to say I loved him over the phone. The transplant should take about 9 1/2 hours. This is both lungs.

Please please please make it through this!

My family could use a little happiness at this point.

Here we go again!
Zen just got another call for a lung transplant.  They are on the way right now to Philly.  I'm going to wait till 1pm to take the dog to camp Bark-A-Lot in case it is another false start.  Last time they were almost there and the lung had been harvested and found with an infection.  First time he was too scared and balked.  I hear third times the charmer or whatever....

I hope this time it happens and he gets his new lungs and he comes through this safe and sound.  I'll update later when I know more.......



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