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Happy B-day to Marc Gunn.. a bard born on St. P's day.
Pretty cool eh?  A bard born on St. P's day.

Here is a cute video of marcgunn 's  song "Wild Kitty"..  did I mention he is an EXTREME cat lover?  I have an autographed CD that this song is in.
Irish Drinking Songs for Cat Lovers (you can preview the album in a flash player at the site)

Watch as he sings and makes cat noises:

One more in honor of Marc's b-day today. Good song and adorable facial expressions.

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No.. he was living in Texas for a long time then recently moved to New Orleans...

But he travels all over the place

Thanks, but I am looking for local harpists.

Ok.. I just thought you were curious:) didn't realize you were shopping around. hehehe

One of these years I will save up enough money to do the Ireland trip thing. It sounds like so much fun! I have a massive school-girly type crush on you though so I would probably just sit there and drool and giggle like a crazed fiend. Ah well.. you have a lot of talent and the world is a better place for it:) And kilts... kilts are goodness...

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