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I never knew a wild turkey could smash through a car window (passenger side).   My mom's friend was on her way back home from visiting and she was driving down the road and a wild turkey smashed through the window leaving blood and glass everywhere.  No, the turkey did not make it:(  it wasn't like she hit it head on, it came from the side.  What are the odds of that? 

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Oh yeah... they is BIG birds. My dad has always likened them to flying bowling balls with the same dangers of such.

Yes as vcmorris said they are huge. We have woods behind our house and there is a family of turkeys that comes in our yard ..it is so cool at the begining of spring there will be little babies...by the end of summer and into fall we have huge turkeys hanging out. Last year I counted 13 of them at one time...and they are so BIG!!!

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