Neophyte to Apperception

Let it unravel, let it all down.

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"Discworld MUD has over 500 different weapons, 350 pieces of armour, 2500 items of clothing, 500 pieces of jewellery, 1200 types of food, 600 pieces of furniture for player houses, the list goes on and on."

"Wizards see magic as a power to harness, witches view magic as a means to an end and will often use psychology instead, priests view it as a gift from their gods. In the game each of these is entirely distinct working in its own way with its own strengths and weaknesses."


wait.. I mean.
must .. not.. sign up for this...
Looks.. like... crack.

It tempts me so

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MUDs are great fun but I prefer MOOs myself (MUD Object Oriented). I've been MOOing for years and years and years. I've been on a few MUDs and though they are quite similar, I find MUDs much more difficult to navigate.

You're right though... VERY addicting. At least they used to be when people actually frequented them and participated instead of just sitting in their little room as if in solitary confinement, "texting" each other from a far.

Good luck staying away. The MOOs sucked up my entire life once upon a time. I consider myself fortunate to have escaped with my sanity intact.

oh yes, you DO need to sign up for it. And then tell all your non MUD playing Pratchett friends how cool it is! *grin*

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